Urban Salmon Project


The Urban Salmon is the first underwater documentation of salmonids in the Urban Watershed.

Starting in 2016 as a personal project, it develop into a long term documentation of the salmonids in Metro Vancouver that was featured in The Urban Salmon book, published in 2019.

Throughout presentations, Image licensing, books and shows the project  partners with partners with Non-profits, First Nations, Streamkeeper groups, Governmental agencies, and the Media promoting the importance of having the amazing fish in your urban environment.

We follow  The International League of Conservations Photographers Ethics and Principles.

Field Practices

We always place the welfare of our subjects above all else. Special care must be afforded breeding animals to avoid having a negative impact on reproductive success or add to the risk of predation.

Use of captive animals

In some cases, photographing captive animals can be a valuable source of rare imagery that can be valuable for specific conservation goals. 

Images of captive animals will be honestly and accurately captioned and never represented as wild.

Digital Manipulation

The documentary power of a photograph is directly linked to its value as a record of real events.

For this reason, we believe that image manipulation must never alter essential content in such a way that it either misrepresents actual events.

Creative manipulation, when performed, must be fully disclosed to the end user.

Truth in captioning

Photographs deliver information, which should be both accurate and honest. Inaccurate or dishonest captioning reduces the effectiveness of the image as a tool for conservation, subverts its message and undermines public trust.

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Fernando Lessa

An image maker  based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Fernando Lessa is best known for his conservation and ecology photography, documenting marine and wildlife around British Columbia and beyond. 

Outdoor storyteller is how Fernando could best be described, with acclaimed work illustrating the threatened habitats of crucial white sturgeon and salmonids in 'The Heart of the Fraser' and The Fraser river estuary, in ' Soul of the Fraser'.

Drawing from his passion for outdoors sports — including diving and climbing — and combining his degrees in Biology (BSc) and Photography (MA), he specializes in the documenting the delicate relationship between man and mother nature.

To find more visit www.fernandolessa.ca

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