Urban Salmon Project


The Urban Salmon project presents the amazing world of the urban fish in public and private institutions and online.

To see one of our previous online presentations, please click HERE

Take a Stand Initiative

Since 2020 the Urban Salmon project parted with SFU professor Allison Kermode and The Take a Stand program with the goal of connecting the Urban Salmon world to our Youth.

Starting Spring 2020 the Urban Salmon project partnered with professor Allison to bring the World of the Urban Salmon the school all around the Mainland.

The Take a Stand program was developed to share and treasure the natural beauty of British Columbia with our youth, including our urban-nature areas, and our unique coastal wilderness, home to rich First Nations cultures, diverse and productive oceans, and an expansive intact temperate rainforest.

Our aim is to inspire, motivate and empower youth to protect and conserve the environment through art, film, and youth-driven actions. Youth represent honest and powerful voices for social change in their communities and are important advocates for better protection of plants, animals, and the natural communities they call home.

Find out more about the initiative https://takeastandforconservation.com/


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