Urban Salmon Project

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*.Join us on Thursday, March 4th for the premiere of our short film, and a roundtable discussion featuring:Fernando Lessa - Photographer, Urban Salmon Project Founder.

With the amazing support of Take a Stand for Conservation and Watershed Watch Salmon Society the project is producing a 12 minute documentary featuring the Salmonids in the Metro Vancouver watershed.

The Urban Salmon documentary features the story of the fish in the Urban Environment. Once abundant,  this amazing fish was almost extinguished from our cityscape. Inspired by the passion and dedication from Metro Vancouver Streamkeepers, the documentary tells the story of how our urban streams were restored and salmon brought back to our backyards.

Official Partners

Take a stand for Conservation

The program was developed to share and treasure the natural beauty of British Columbia with our youth, including our urban-nature areas, and our unique coastal wilderness.

Watershed Watch

Watershed Watch Salmon Society is a science-based charity working to defend and rebuild B.C.’s wild salmon. .

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